Fixed Department


When you work with Hopkins Dental Lab, we carefully review your prescription request and design a solution that is customized to each individual patient’s needs and expectations.

Our fixed department crafts implant abutments, crowns and bridges that have excellent fit and meet the esthetic demands of even the pickiest patient.

Our Fixed Dental Services

Fixed Dental Experts

  • Implant and esthetic restorations
  • Zirconia – Full Contour and Layered
  • eMax crowns
  • PFM in precious and semi-precious
  • Gold crowns and bridges
  • Precision Attachment solutions

There is a reason we have been helping dentists and the dental community since 1943. We are proud to have the confidence, trust, and experience to get you the best quality results you deserve.

With our one on one service, you too can let Kurt and his trained staff put their skills to work for you and your dental office. Trust in our experience and our promise of making sure you and your patient are completely satisfied with our work.

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Fixed Dental Work

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